Evolve Tite

EVOLVE TITE (Non-Surgical Skin Tightening)

Welcome to Nanuet Wellness and Weight Loss Center, featuring the Newest and Best Technology on the Market for Non-Surgical Fat reduction and Skin Tightening. If you have loose skin, cellulite, oat meal type skin or very hard to lose areas or pockets of fat, then you should utilize Evolve Tite, Evolve Trim or Evoke facial skin tightening and fat reduction.

I personally spent a lot of time researching many Non-Surgical devices to give my weight Loss patients an alternative to surgery. Surgery can be dangerous and have many negative side effects. I even looked at Cool Sculpting. What I didn’t like about Cool Sculpting was the side effects of pain and bruising associated with it. Patients got uneven contouring and it reduced fat by only 20%, plus it didn’t tighten skin. Why get Cool Sculpting when Evolve Trim/Tite based upon research has a 30% reduction of fat per area. Why use old technology that is less effective, when there is a safe, hands free approach that gives even contouring and better non-surgical results. So, I partnered with a company called In Mode. The company actually went public on the stock exchange in 2019. It was one of the top 10 IPO of 2019 and I knew I was dealing with a credible, reputable company and it wasn’t a gimmicky company who promises the world and delivers very little results. Paula Abdul is the ambassador for In Mode technologies because she got very good non-surgical results with the technology. You will see a lot of celebrities getting treatments from In Mode.

If you have skin laxity, loose skin or excess skin, we are going to use Evolve Tite to help tighten your skin. This treatment does not have a practitioner rubbing a hand piece on your skin which increases chances of burns or uneven results. The hands free 8 applicators (refer to pictures) will treat an area of the body or multiple areas, whether that be your thighs, hips, arms, legs, belly, back or face. The treatment is either six thirty minute treatments or three one hour treatments.

If you are interested in Evolve Trim or Tite call our office for a free consultation. Call 845-623-0026 to see if you are candidate for Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and/or fat reduction.

How does Evolve Tite work?
You can refer to power point presentation to see virtual video in the slides. You can call and schedule a No Charge Consultation with Dr. William Johnson to explain how it helps tighten skin. We put on 8 applicators at a time on specific areas. It has three electrodes on one applicator. This uses bipolar radio frequency. It uses a heat source and radio frequency to heat the skin to 40 to 43 degrees Celsius. Since we are using computer artificial intelligence, there are no practitioner mistakes. The machine will control the temperature and automatically shut off once it hits a specific temperature of 43 degrees. This prevents burns. The machine does all the work. It’s totally safe! The hands free devices provides even and optimal results.

How great will you feel about yourself when you restore a younger skin appearance?

How would you like to turn back the clock with your skin appearance and look younger without dangerous liposuction or plastic surgery?
Skin appearance is related to collagen. Radio frequency energy stimulates the growth of collagen. And when we stimulate the growth of collagen, the skin gets tighter and gives the appearance of younger, tighter skin. So, it’s going to take dormant collagen and revitalize it and make it grow and build new collagen. It’s similar to watering a plant. When you treat the skin with radiofrequency and specific heat parameters, the skin and elastic fibers tighten. It’s like discovering the fountain of youth. If you suffer from loose skin, pre-mature wrinkling and want a very effective Non-Surgical alternative then use the number one new treatment on the market called Evolve Tite.

Is it permanent skin tightening?
Unfortunately you are still aging and collagen is continually breaking down year after year. To keep a younger skin appearance, you should do periodic maintenance visits. Periodic maintenance treatment visits are usually once every 6 months to a year depending upon your preference.

How amazing would it be to revitalize skin and look younger without surgery and scarring?

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Evolve Tite is the newest and most advanced technology to help improve skin laxity and skin appearance on the market. Unfortunately, as we age, the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin begin to degrade. This can cause loose skin, cellulite, bags and hanging skin on the arms, face, legs and belly. Before InMode, surgery and Botox was the only solution to help sagging skin. But surgery comes with many risks and side effects including blood clots, scarring, scar tissue, deformity, etc. We all want to look younger but we must weigh the risks verse benefits.

That’s why Dr. Johnson is so excited to now offer the newest technology for skin tightening and fat reduction. The client can make cosmetic changes without the harmful side effects of surgery. What’s also so exciting is clients can do both skin tightening and fat reduction on the same visit. And a bonus for every client is our new FDA approved Evolve Tone. Evolve Tone helps improve muscle tone on the stomach, legs or arms to help increase muscle mass without exercise which also helps burn fat and help improve appearance of skin.

How does Evolve Tite work?
Evolve Tite like Evolve Trim sends RF frequency at different setting and frequencies to improve collagen tightening to help skin have better elastic fibers to give the appearance of younger skin. As we normally age collagen and elastic fibers breaks significantly year after year after age 35. How amazing is it to have a technology that reverse the collagen breakdown and gives you a younger appearance. The Evolve Tite protocol offers either six half hour visits or three one hour visits. Clients will choose to do periodic maintenance visits once every month or three to maintain better skin tone because an unfortunate truth is you are still aging month after month and collagen does continue to break down as a result of getting older.

Each potential Clients can come in for a No-Charge Consultation to speak with Dr. Johnson to evaluate the area or areas the client is interested in improving and to go over how the technology works. At the visit, Dr. William Johnson will go over prices and visit schedules.