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Dr. William Johnson’s Health and Weight Loss system, powered by Nutrimost Technology is a revolutionary weight-loss program that is sweeping America, and it can completely change your life physically, chemically and emotionally. According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity (20 or more pounds over ideal weight) contributes to various weight-related diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

With Nutrimost, you’ll transform your approach to Wellness.

Dr. Johnson’s Nutrimost program has been proven safe and effective. Please click the tab RESEARCH RESULTS to read results from our the Nutrimost 2018-2019 Double Blind-Placebo study. Dr. William Johnson’s weight loss Program stands alone in the weight loss industry for proven results and safety. The study proves that client’s utilizing the program correctly lose around 20 to 40 + pounds in one program and the program is proven to help improve conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and many more conditions.

The Wellness Program is a well-designed regimen which is monitored by professionals and includes a low-calorie diet along with lifestyle modifications and personalized natural supplementation to maximize achievable weight loss.


Nanuet Wellness & Weight Loss Center, Powered by Nutrimost Technology and All-Natural supplementation is designed to support your body’s water level, hormonal levels, and combat other nutritional challenges you may face. Our Wellness and Weight Loss Plan focuses on overall health and Natural choices versus the powerful chemicals found in highly processed, manufactured, and refined foods. No other plan addresses your individual needs like Dr. Johnson’s program. Dr. Johnson is hands-on and does all the coaching with each client. It’s vital you attend Dr. Johnson’s nutrition class offered every other Tuesday in the office. All people are welcome to attend at no charge.


Your Weight Loss Program Should Be Too

According to the NIH more than 2/3’s of adults in America today are considered overweight or obese, all while the media bombards us with images of ideal health and fitness. So what does your health look like?

We are each unique and so is our expression of life and health. Using Nutrimost technology has given us the ability to develop a personalized plan just for you, which will help you find your Healthy.

The program has been proven to lose 20+ pounds in 40 days. Watch the testimonial videos below to see people losing 20, 30, 40+ pounds and transforming their bodies and health.

Most weight loss programs will tell you that you have to count calories to lose weight. Their focus is lower caloric intake and increased activity level to typically result in weight loss. The focus is on “Calories In-Calories Out”. Your body’s response to this type of weight loss is generally a slower metabolism and even if you achieve your weight loss goals you will most likely return to your previous habits albeit with a slower metabolism. And most generic programs or programs that deliver pre-packaged meals or shakes never got you into an actual fat-burning metabolism or taught you how to eat correctly. You might lose 5-10 pounds of water weight and then hit a wall. That’s because they never addressed the nutritional and organ factors needed to actually get you into a fat-burning metabolism. Calorie counting programs do not address the types of calories or the nutritional components of the calories consumed. You can eat fewer calories but are they healthier calories?

How does it compare to a Ketogenic diet or Atkins diet?

It is very unhealthy to eat only protein all day. The byproduct of eating only protein and fat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is the buildup of nitrogenous waste-ammonia. This is a very dangerous way to lose weight because of the negative impact on the kidneys and liver. Dr. Johnson’s wellness and weight loss program is about losing the fat but at the same time getting you much healthier. Again proven with an actual study. Yes, you will get into ketosis (fat burning) with our program but you will eat a very well balanced diet with plant-based, whole-food sourced supplements, and formulas during phase 2 and then we add back oils and fats in phase 4. This program is not a ketogenic diet, where you eat fat all day. Yes, we do get you into ketosis, but with the use of personalized supplements and formulas. Remember, our goal is to change your eating lifestyle habits and routines. Our first goal is to break your addictions of fake foods during phase 2. And then in phase 4, our goal is to get you addicted to REAL food.

Dr. William Johnson’s program, powered by Nutrimost is a nutritional program designed to help you identify foods and supplements that will overcome the nutritional deficiencies and organs stresses that are present in the body. Coupled with our support services that are available throughout your journey when, where, and how you need them, success is achievable because it is all about you.

Every Person who schedules a consultation to review the program will receive a Free In House Review of the Program. Dr. Johnson will personally go over all the rules of the program. He will explain Nutrimost intelligence technology, supplements, formulas, rules of the program and types of food required to eat during each phase of the program. After reviewing the program with Dr. Johnson, each new client will have the option of doing a body composition analysis for only $30.00 (Normally $99.00).

Dr. William Johnson will go over your personal health history, medications, blood test report if available and Body Composition Analysis (BCA) that shows your weight, fat %, pounds of fat, Metabolic age, BMI, Water % and visceral fat rating. Based upon health conditions, types of medications you currently take, weight Loss Goals and the specific type of program you choose, the Doctor will give you an exact price of your program.


Full Program

This plan is typically for clients who need to lose 20 plus pounds or more. This program starts with Nutrimost Intelligence analytics to figure out what specific supplements/formulas/organ support are needed to get a specific person into that extreme fat burning (autophagy) state and what supplements needed to help eliminate unwanted health conditions. The first 40 to 50 days of this program is losing unwanted weight and fat at a super-fast rate and to help balance hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamins and minerals. This phase helps the body detox and cleanse and to help rid the body of dangerous systemic inflammation. The next phase of the program is called reset phase. The reset phase is usually from day 44 to day 74. This phase is designed to help lock in the client’s new weight and reset the hypothalamus to make maintaining weight easier. After the reset phase, the client has the option to continue to lose weight slowly or go into the next phase called the Re-entry phase. The Re-Entry phase is designed to teach a person how to add back certain cautionary/trigger foods on certain days but at the same time maintaining their chosen weight. What good is it to lose weight, if you were never taught how to maintain your weight. Each client is required to text the Doctor’s cell phone every day in all phases of the program and is required to visit the office every 7-14 days to repeat a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) to analyze and compare the client’s specific fat loss changes, BMI, visceral fat, water %, metabolic age and weight loss. Each client receives a printed report utilizing Nutrimost Intelligence in the beginning of the program and each client does weekly Body Composition Analysis each week to compare changes and progress. Every client meets with staff/Dr. Johnson every 7 to 14 days to make any adjustments needed based upon results and challenges with the plan. The full program (85 days officially) offers a 20 pound Guarantee as long as the client follows the program exactly and doesn’t cheat. See Guarantee disclaimer below. Each client is required to text Dr. Johnson every day and show up to scheduled appointments. If the client follows the program exactly and doesn’t lose 20 pounds by day 85…Dr. Johnson will supply the client at no charge with a new Nutrimost Formula and Doctor-Client coaching for either 20 or 40 days depending upon how much the client lost. Each program is officially 85 days long but clients can follow phase 4 foods for life. Each client receives Manuals, Journals, supplementation, Nutrition classes, initial Nutrimost report and unlimited BCA’s. Clients are welcome to continue BCA’s month after month without a charge once they join the program.

¾ Weight Loss Program

This program is the same as above, but the client will go 30 to 34 days in phase 2 instead of 40 to 44 days. Then continue the other phases of the plan. This plan is typically for clients who need to lose 15 to 20+ pounds. This program offers a 15 pound Guarantee.

HALF Program

This program starts the exact same way as the full program. This program is for clients whose goal is to lose 10+ pounds. The weight loss phase is 20 to 24 days of the extreme weight loss before going into the reset phase, re-entry phase and maintenance phase. This program offers a 10 pound guarantee!


The slow loss program utilizes Nutrimost Forever protocols. This program is for people who want to help overcome certain health conditions but don’t need to lose weight or want to lose weight and improve health but at a slower, easier pace. Unlike the full, ¾ and ½ program, there are very little restrictions compared to other programs. The program utilizes Nutrimost Intelligence, supplementations and formulas based upon health challenges. There is no guarantee with this program.

Each program is explained to the client during the consultation/1st visit




Step 1. Register for workshop/information session where we will explain:

  • How our fat loss system is unique and personalized.
  • How our system works and how NutriMost is like nothing else out there.
  • How you will not be hungry.
  • And most importantly, how you will add quality years to your life becoming healthier!

Step 2. Get scanned with our medical body analysis scale. It will measure:

  • Body Fat %
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Water %
  • Bone Mass
  • Muscle Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • Metabolic Age
  • And More!

Step 3. Go over results and program choices:

  • We will sit with you one on one to answer any questions about the system choices and the fees.

Step 4. Register Now:

  • The best time to take action towards a healthier you is NOW. The two most common reasons why someone would not take action on their greatest asset, their health, is fear about time and money.
  • We are on a huge mission to radically transform the health of the community so we want to make it easy for you to get the care you need.
  • Register on the website or call 845-623-0026 and we will give you the body composition analysis and consult with the doctor for only $30! This visit is normally $99.


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