Evolve Trim

EVOLVE TRIM (Non-Surgical Fat Reduction)

Welcome to Nanuet Wellness and Weight Loss Center, featuring the Newest and Best Technology on the Market for Non-Surgical Fat reduction. Have you been looking to get rid of unwanted, stubborn fat? We have all tried different diets and spent hours in the gym trying to reach our goal of having “that” ultimate shape. In Mode technology has developed the first FDA- Approved hands free device to obtain non-invasive liposuction in those hard to lose areas without surgery.

The Evolve Trim devices uses six applicators (refer to pictures) on the body per session. The applicators will cover your abdomen and or entire flank. It uses a combination of radio frequency, very gentle suction and electroporation. Electroporation is a low voltage pulse. You don’t feel the pulse but it’s essentially a volt of electricity. And the volt of electricity in combination of Radiofrequency and a gentle suction heats the skin to 40 to 43 degrees Celsius which only damages the fat cells directly below the skin. And the results are outstanding. Not only does the fat cell die and get reabsorbed by the body. But the fat cell is permanently removed. Based upon research studies, we expect a reduction of 30% of fat per area treated, which is much better results than cool sculpting that shows only a 20% reduction per area. But unlike Cool Sculpting that causes bruising and pain, Evolve Trim has relatively no side effects. This treatment does not have a practitioner rubbing a hand piece on your skin which increases chances of burns or uneven results. The computer technology automatically shuts off when the device heats up to 43 degrees. This makes the treatment totally safe.

Since its 6 applicators, you can sometimes combine the abdomen with the flanks. Or do your outer thighs and arms. Evolve Trim treatment times are 15-20 minutes of fat burning and 45 minutes of skin tightening if you wish to combine treatments. Each area will be treated three to four times. We can customize a treatment plan based upon your needs. The beauty of Evolve Trim is there is no pain. You feel it working but there is no bruising. There is essentially no discomfort. You just feel a warming of the skin.

Unlike dieting, which shrinks the cells. The Evolve Trim destroys fat cells directly under the skin. What happens to the fat cell? Once the fat cell membrane is injured from the treatment, the fat cells naturally goes through a process called apoptosis. This is permanent removal of the fat cell. Then your body naturally gets rid of the dead cells via the lymphatic system. The only post treatment is either using our vibration machine to stimulate the lymphatic system or you will be taught how to rub the treated area to push the process along. Each area is treated three to four times for optimal results. Based upon In Mode Research, you should expect to lose up to 2 sizes per area in three to four treatments.

How great would be to finally get rid of unwanted, stubborn fat once and for all?

If you are looking for a Non-Surgical option to remove unwanted fat, Call our office for a No Charge Consultation to see if you are a candidate for Non-Surgical fat reduction called Evolve Trim! Prices vary depending upon number of areas and or types of treatments. All prices vary depending upon what each client chooses. Dr. William Johnson will discuss plans and prices at your appointment.

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In Mode has developed the newest and best hands-free device for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction on the market. In the past, clients used Cool Sculpting and Smart lipo technology which has been around for over 5 years. This technology had a 20% reduction by freezing the fat cells. In Mode using Evolve Trim uses RF frequency and deep heat to destroy the cell membrane to lose up to 2 sizes or more in only 3 visits. The research shows a 30% reduction of fat per area. That’s 10% more results than Cool Sculpting which is significant and observable differences.

Dr. William Johnson does No Charge Consultation to examine and make sure each person is a candidate for Non-Surgical Fat reduction. Evolve Tite and Evolve Trim and Tone is safe and effective and virtually has no side effects. Some clients may have temporary redness. It’s very safe because the computer controlling the RF frequency and heat has an automatic shut off at 43 degrees Celsius. Another major difference between Evolve by In Mode verse other devices on the market is the fat reduction and skin tightening is symmetrical and concise because of the hands free device is lined correctly verse a person moving from area to area. Refer to pictures to see.