Al R after

I lost 80 pounds and the support is top-notch.

Al R.

Always great

Michelle after

Dr. johnson just works. Always great.


It was easy

Mr and Mrs F after

I lost 45 and my wife lost 25 in 40 to 50 days and it was easy

Mr. & Mrs. F

For vegetarians

Mr T after

I am a vegetarian and lost a lot of weight. The only weight loss program for vegetarians.

Mr T.

I transformed my body

Carmen after

I transformed my body with Dr. Johnson and it was easy. I lost 45 pounds. And I maintained my weight.


I lost 100 pounds

Mr Okane after

I lost 100 pounds. I lost 35 pounds in 40 days and 65 pounds in phase 4 month defied. And kept it off since 2015.

Mr. Okane

258 down to 209

Chris after

Started at 258 down to 209 in 40 days.


It’s totally worth it

Connie after

I lost over 30 pounds and drove 2 hours to go to his office. It’s totally worth it. Now I can do the program remotely and they ship everything. And… Read more “It’s totally worth it”


If you want to be transformed

Elmer after

If you want to be transformed then try Dr. Johnson health and wellness program.


Dr. Johnson program was easy and I was never hungry

Gabe after

I tried everything and Dr. Johnson program was easy and I was never hungry. I lost over 100 pounds in two programs.